Carl Wernhoff


My name is Carl Wernhoff and I'm an FPGA/VHDL developer living in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides my work for Stockholm University (see below) I'm also active as a consultant within hardware and software development.

Professional background

Since 2008 I've been working in the Particle/Instrumentation Physics Group at Stockholm Unversity with FPGA development for the IceCube Neutrino Telescope built at the South Pole, Antarctica.

Before my time at Stockholm University I've been working at the unmanned helicopter manufacturer CybAero, mainly with analog electronics and software development. I've also spent half a year teaching math and VHDL at Linköping University.


I studied Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.) at Linköping University, graduating in 2008.

Photo: Me at the IceCube Neutrino Telescope installations at the South Pole, Antarctica, trouble-shooting the PCIe interface of my design which is searching detector data for traces of low-energy muons indicating Dark Matter annihilation in the sun.